Did it : Braidwood Rodeo

I went to stay on my friends beautiful property in Braidwood and spent a day at the rodeo.



Dig it : Lucy Culliton

A very inspirational Australian artist. She paints with charm and honesty and her works are heavy with sentimentality and familiarity. She’s one of my current favourites.

Grad Show.

Let’s start at the beginning I guess…

The project was called Cake Stalls and Bullets and explored the paradoxes between the masculine and feminine aspects of rural living and sought to combine them to form a new kind of Australiana. When I say feminine I’m referring to iconic symbols that have come to represent country living such as doileys, wild flowers, home baked scones, knitting, aprons, Dorothy Mackellar and tea. Masculine symbols would be; bullets, rust, road kill, sweat, corrugated iron, Mad Max and beer. The whole project took about 4 months and I traveled to several isolated little towns to conduct interviews with locals and take a million photos. I knitted stubby holders, made a double sided quilt, a book and four teatowels for the final show.