Instagram VII.

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Picnics and Puppies and Gumboots Oh My.

A little picnic with Sam and Whiskey. Sam spent the whole time reading, Whiskey spent the whole time digging and what I call ‘securing the perimeter’ aka running around the blanket sniffing and I spent the whole time taking photos. It was a lovely afternoon.

(Please excuse the paint stains, but after finishing renovations a couple of months ago it’s hard to find a piece of clothing that isn’t covered in the stuff)

Got the Crazies

A series of Illustrations I did over some photographs by Cara Stricker. The photographs were taken when Cara came to visit about a month ago, we talked about doing some sort of collaboration, so she had the photos developed and sent them too me and I drew over the top of them. I was inspired by the feelings that you get from living on an isolated property for long periods of time, kind of like cabin fever craziness, where you go completely hyper and regress into having a more vivid child like imagination.