Dig it : Absolutely Assorted.

What I’ve been dragging and dropping onto my desktop lately.

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Typographic Lyrics.

Not having a steady job at the moment (please hire me) means that I’ve had to vent a lot of my creative energy into my sketch book. These are some fonts I’ve drawn and then jazzed up in photoshop. The lyrics are from Elvis, Hank Williams and The Beatles. I think the Elvis one looks like it could be turned into the cover of a children’s book. I got inspiration from a great book called ‘Hand Job’ (tee hee) it’s a catalog of hand written type, by a guy called Michael Perry.

Another CD cover

I did another CD design for Waks Generation, this one is just a demo so I thought I’d leave it a bit minimalist to show that it’s a work in progress and not meant to be a fully evolved album. I like the idea that it could almost be a sort of business card for the artist and perhaps subsequent covers could be the same but in different colours. Would look great with the words ‘Waks Generation’ embossed or even just the circle.